Upcoming Activities

CERT Leadership Meeting -- First Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm
                                                       - VIRTUAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

                                                        (EOC) Fire Station #8 - 
                                                        815 Marshall St. 
                                                        Lansing, MI 48912

CERT Team Meeting -- Third Thursday on the Even months at 6:30 pm 
                                            - VIRTUAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
                                                Fire Station #4 - 
                                               1435 E. Miller Rd.     
                                               Lansing, MI 48911

CERT Work Events -- You must be a CERT member, have the Standard Operation Guide (SOG) 
                                          signed and passed the Background Check.

PLEASE NOTE -- All events, dates and times are subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to let everyone know as soon as we can.

Questions?  Email us at capitalareacert@gmail.com